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HI, I am Sanjay

A Software Developer having 8+ years of experience in Full-stack software development, DevOps, Software Lifecycle, Mentorship, Leadership, with 2 years in Solution Architect. Primarily focussed on Cloud-Native Application development using JavaScript / NodeJs and utilizing the right DevOps practice.

Also, I am a casual contributor to the open-source world, php-script-background-processer, and feature-toggles two of my give-away to the world.

Certifications: CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer | GCP ACE - Associate Cloud Engineer

Open to Work: Engineering Manager | Solution Architect (Cloud)


What I do

Software Development

Building an application is easy than maintaining them. There is no right way to approach an application. Every application needs refactoring and optimization over time. It involves a deeper understanding of technology and programming language and solves challenging problems using design patterns and algorithms. I have years of experience building scalable applications which used by millions of users.

Cloud Architect

Understanding the business and technical requirements is the key. Architecture designs involve thinking about computing, databases, networking, security aspects, and integration between them. Using cloud and serverless technology, we can build Available, Scalable, Reliability applications faster. I have the experience to design an architecture for applications and work with the development team to bring applications live.


Now in the competitive market, we want our application release faster without losing quality. DevOps is not a technology. It is the combination of people, processes, and tools to deliver quality applications. I have experience building a process to solve a problem and educate team members and choose the right tools for the job.

Leadership and mentoring

Leadership is a mindset. An organization's success or team success depends on the leaders. Experience, failure, and mentorship can help you to be a leader. I have years of experience working with team members, learning from failure, and got great mentors. I am happy to pass on to my team and be part of the success.


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